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VNA Hospice volunteer’s perspective about Pumpkins for Patients

Raquel Eatmon
VNA Volunteer

volunteerp4pThis was my first year participating in this event and I’ve never experienced anything like it! I was taken by surprise with the creativity of the kids they had such fancy and imaginative pumpkin faces. As I tied ribbons on the some of the pumpkins- I couldn’t help but laugh at the decorated pumpkins. WOW! I realized they really had a good time- and I believe some of the truly understand the cause.

I was touched by the number of pumpkins we were able to share with others. From tiny ones to fat- plump ones- it was amazing to see such a giving spirit from all those who provided them. I also wondered if the owner of the pumpkin patch actually understood just how many lives were going to be touched by EACH pumpkin. For instance... someone was able to grow the pumpkins and probably had no idea where the pumpkins would end up... then someone had to pick them from the patch so they were touched by their hands... then someone had to deliver them to the school and pass them out-- again more people handling the pumpkins... then the kids got hold of them and painted like crazy... someone else had to pick up the now, fully decorated pumpkins, take them back to VNA Hospice for proper labeling then people like me tied ribbons and helped others load them up and then we transported them to various Hospice patients. That’s a lot of traveling for pumpkins... wouldn’t ya say?

And with all of that traveling- nothing beat the faces of smiling patients when they laid eyes on the pumpkins. When I delivered one to a woman’s room (whom I’d never met before)- she smiled and said, "Someone did that just for me?". I assured her, "Yes". It warmed my heart to be of service with such a simple gesture.

I know this was a success- from whoever donated the pumpkins to all of the staff who made it possible and the wonderfully talented kids to all the volunteers who worked to see a smile on the face of those who are too weak to pick their own pumpkins. We did it and I’m so glad that we did! Keep up the great work VNA Hospice... you all rock!

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