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Why Seniors Are At Higher Risk for Infectious Disease November 18, 2014
As we age, it seems more and more difficult to stay well, especially during cold and flu season. From common colds and stomach viruses to urinary tract infections and shingles, older adults are more prone to infection.
Prevent disease and manage health
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Understanding Your Home Care Benefits November 11, 2014
The stress of finding care for an ailing or elderly family member is often compounded by questions regarding who will pay for services. A call to Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio can help calm that anxiety.
understanding medicare and home care benefits
VitalStim® Swallowing Therapy Makes the Difference November 7, 2014
Dysphasia, or the inability to swallow normally, can affect people who are recovering from surgery, a brain injury or a stroke, or who deal with progressive degenerative neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or ALS.
VitalStim swallowing therapy
Join Our Legacy of Excellence in Home Healthcare November 4, 2014
With more than 700 dedicated employees throughout Northeast Ohio, Mid-Ohio and Central Ohio, the clinical and administrative staff of Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio is dedicated to advancing the mission of the organization and providing high-quality care to the community.
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Finding Care: At the End-of-Life November 4, 2014
For individuals nearing end-of-life, choosing where to spend their remaining time may depend on their particular situation. Often, there may be a predetermined hospice plan of care, but for some, families should consider their options before the time arrives.
finding care at the end of life
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